Rock Around Your Blog...
"How to Use a Blog to Build Your Business"

  • How to Get Started With a blog
  • Weekly Trainings to help with your blogging process.
  • How to build community from your readers.
  • Building a system that works just like your own Media Empire.
Blogging Tips
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Glenn Miya Md Glenn Miya Md, Smart Health

“In this course Tim Gillette taught me how to open a world of blogging, creativity, and networking that continues to grow. His  style is direct, practical, and powerful.”

Janie Lidey Janie Lidey, Musician Motivator

"Tim Gillette helped me let go of my fear of blogging and set me on fire to start connecting with my audience through my blog.”

Here's what you can expect to learn in this Webinar Training series

  • Get Started with Blogging

    How to Get Started with a Blog that will build your business.

  • Creating Content

    Finding out what Content your Clients, and potential Clients want to read. And How to create it for them.

  • Finding Readers

    How to Market Your Blog to find the readers who are looking for your Content

  • Building Community

    How to engage with your readers and turn them into Raving Fans who want to hear more from you.

  • Making Money

    Make your blog part of your business plan. Marketing to your community of raving fans to help them, and increase your profitability.

YES I Want Blogging Tips